Ginger Stimulates Hair Growth

Ginger stimulates hair growth. It is a powerful herb in Ayurveda. It increases the blood flow and circulation in your body and skin, especially on your scalp. It is an excellent moisturizer and conditioning formula for the scalp, as it warms up when applied to your hair.

Ginger contains circulatory agents, which stimulate the growth cycle in each of your hair follicles. Ginger is also rich in fatty acids. It is useful in preventing hair loss and slows down the hair thinning process of the hair shafts.

Ginger Hair Growth Formulas

  •  1 tablespoon of finely grated fresh ginger
  • 1 tablespoon sesame or jojoba oil

This combination can be applied either before or after shampooing your hair. Mix the ingredients and massage them on the scalp. Let it soak in for 30 minutes or your can leave it in over night for maximum benefits. Shampoo and rinse your hair with warm water.

  • Ginger hair oil is great for encouraging hair growth. It improves blood circulation and promotes faster hair growth, as well as preventing dandruff caused by overuse of hair products and daily build-up. Your hair will be left feeling clean and soft, in addition to giving it a pleasant smell.

How do you make ginger oil?

  • Grate 1 tablespoon of ginger root. Place it inside a cheesecloth and squeeze out the ginger juice. Mix the juice with 1/4th of a cup of light sesame oil and blend them together. Apply the ginger oil to your scalp and massage it in with your fingertips. Do not use your finger nails, as this will cause damage to your scalp and hair follicles. Leave it for 15-30 minutes and then shampoo your hair, as you normally do.

Over all, ginger has many uses, one of the best being as a hair care product. It promotes healthy hair growth and prevents hair loss.

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