Top 15 Ways to Be Gorgeous not Plain Jane

Most women love looking gorgeous. They adore male admiration and feel thrilled when told they are looking fantastic. A look that makes heads turn, and forces a Wow from admirers is what a beauty-conscious woman strives for. She abhors a plain Jane look, as that would not allow her to stand apart from others. Is it easy to have that special look that makes you look alluring to the opposite sex? What do you need to do to look that way?

How to Look Gorgeous?

  • A sparkling smile. Beautiful set of teeth will give make you have the best smile in the world
  • Healthy, shiny and clean hair, well-groomed and shampooed. One should want to run his fingers through them. Choose a hairstyle that suits your personality as well as the occasion
  • Luscious lips can make you look very enticing. The right choice of lipstick or lip gloss to make someone want to feel your lips
  • Adequate rest and sleep for a fresh look
  • Proper diet to avoid the sick look
  • Exercise to keep fit. A well shaped body with a fantastic figure can make you attract the opposite sex with much ease
  • Makeup should not be jarring. It should blend well with your complexion and heighten your features
  • Clothes should accentuate your figure and personality
  • Manners should be perfect. Be charming and polite. Such behavior wins over many people
  • Smell good. Use a perfume or have bubble bath, which lets out an aroma that makes others want to be in your company
  • Be a good conversationalist. You may wear the best of clothes and put on the best of make-up, but if you speak “trash then you can put off people
  • Accessories should well be chosen. They should match the clothes and your personality
  • Be confident. You must be sure of how you look and feel you are the best going around town
  • Be yourself. Do not put on false pretensions. Be natural
  • Be approachable. Others should feel they can converse with you with ease and comfort

Be the gorgeous gal. Stand tall among plain Janes. Let the opposite sex seek your company. Admirers should turn around and say, Hey that’s a good-looking gal Try it out and feel high in spirits.

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