10 Beauty Secrets of Ancient Egyptian Women

Most people have their own unique taste in beauty- care. Ancient Egyptians were no exception to this rule. Ancient Egyptian women had their preferences to look beautiful, and beautiful indeed they looked. Queen Cleopatra was a beauty to reckon with. What were the beauty product choices of these ancient Egyptian women?

Beauty Secrets of Ancient Egyptian Women

  • Body care was essential part of their beauty regimen. Women used body oil on a daily basis, particularly to remove stretch marks.
  • Body scents and incense were used to smell good. Most of them were imported.
  • Moisturizers were used for skin protection due to hot and arid climate.
  • Exquisite perfumes were used for good smell.
  • Women washed themselves with a cleansing paste made up of water and natron. Natron is a compound of sodium bicarbonate and sodium carbonate. Toothpaste was also made up of natron.
  • Myrrh, as part of aromatherapy was very popular.
  • Women also used anti-wrinkle cream.
  • Alpha Hydroxy Acid was made use of through milk baths to keep the skin supple and soft.
  • Bubble bath and soaps contained milk.
  • Aromatic oils were used to protect the skin from sun-rays.

Women in ancient times were also beauty conscious. The Egyptians women made all efforts to look their best.

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