What Are The Benefits of Beauty Pageants?

Since the first beauty pageants in the 1850s in U.S.A, pageantshave never gone out of fashion. Still, critics wonder if  participating in them beneficial enough? A lot of criticism goes against these pageants saying the women and girls taking part in the pageants often turn bulimic or anorexic. It is often the lure of money and fame that calls girls to compete, critics say, but there is no peace of mind because pageants quickly becomecut throat competitions full of ugly back stabbings. Still, pageants are popular and really much more beneficial than harmful.

What Are The Benefits of Beauty Pageants?

  • Building Self- confidence:

    Competing in a beauty pageant is a great way to overcome stage fright, learn how to carry yourself, and develop a sense of your self-worth. You will be able to learn about your shortcomings and weaknesses and also work on them.

  • Finding A Platform To Speak Your Mind:

    If you want to find a platform for a cause, participatingin a beauty pageant might help you spread the word about your cause. If you reflect, you can think of so many names who have been able to make a difference because of their beauty pageant titles.

  • Earning Scholarships:

    The prize money of the beauty pageants generally come as scholarships. There are many who have used it for further studies. You can do that too if you want.

If you are able to face the negative aspects of the beauty pageants and if you have the ability to compete gracefully in the most adverse situation, there is no harm in trying your luck at beauty pageants. Remember: it is all about hoping for the best and preparing for the worst.

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2 responses to What Are The Benefits of Beauty Pageants?

  1. you should include alot and give some new topics.

  2. I have done 2 pageants, and im going to keep doing them, because they are a good experience and they do promote confidence! they are great and i think a lot more people should try them :)