Makeup Tips for a Big Nose

We all crave for flawless beauty. Though it may not be possible to work against nature, that does not mean we cannot be attractive with our natural features. You do not need a nose job or Cinderella’s magic wand to flatter a larger nose. Good makeup techniques can help minimize your nose.

Makeup Tips for a Big Nose

Some makeup tips for a big nose that you may find effective are listed below:

    • Use Concealer to Hide Your Dark Circles and Make Your Nose Less Prominent:

      Under-eye dark circles can make your nose look more prominent than it is actually. You may want to dab a small amount of illuminating and hydrating concealer to hide those dark circle. This can brighten up the under-eye skin area and keep the skin hydrated. You should choose concealer a shade lighter than your actual skin tone and apply it below your foundation.

    • Use Darker Foundation to Make Nose Appear Smaller:

      Experts suggest a darker color foundation, such as a bronzer, can make your nose appear smaller. If you have a wide nose, you can outline the top of the nose and at both sides of the bridge with dark foundation. Then, with a blending brush, blend the foundation from the bridge down to the nostrils on both sides. This can help in making your nose appear narrow.

    • Highlight Your Best Facial Features to Hide Your Big Nose:

      No matter how big your nose is, you can draw attention away from it by emphasizing the best features of your face. This can take the attention from your nose to features that you feel are attractive such as your cheeks, perfectly shaped lips, or beautiful eyes. You may want to apply a lighter shade foundation to your best features.

Finally, you can use the help of your hair dresser. A great hairstyle can highlight the best features of your face and take attention off your prominent nose.

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