How to Get Rid of Panty Lines?

You are almost ready for your house party and are looking great. However, when you take a turn in the mirror to check your rear – oops! …your panty lines are showing through your gorgeous dress. Annoying, isn’t it? Obviously, you wouldn’t want to have visible panty lines, and you don’t want to change your dress either! It’s a good thing there are various options available to solve this problem.

Tips for Getting Rid of Panty Lines

Listed below are the ways that you may find effective getting rid of panty lines:

  • Thongs to Get Rid of Panty Lines:

    Thongs can make your panty lines go away most effectively. You only have to get used to wearing them. Initially you may find them a bit uncomfortable, but once you become used to thongs, you may find them most comfortable. Be sure that the thong you choose fits well with your jeans. For example, if you wear low-waisted jeans, you may want to buy low-rise thongs to go with it.

  • Boxers Briefs to Remove Panty Lines:

    However masculine this may sound, boxer briefs are for you as well, ladies. Tight-fitting boxer briefs can fit smugly against the contour of your skin and give your rear a natural look. Avoid buying loose-fitting boxer briefs; they can give you boxer lines instead!

  • Mesh Boy-Short Panties to Get Rid of Panty Lines:

    These are new offerings that can look great on your buttocks. The stretchy, elastic mesh can mold with the shape of your rear and is unlikely to ride up. Secondly, the panty fits right around your bottom with stretchy mesh lace. Finally, they cover most of your buttocks so that they cannot create bulge as your regular bikinis do.

  • Body Shaping Undergarments to Get Rid of Panty Lines:

    Lastly, here is the product you may have been waiting for. Inspired by bicycle shorts, this type of undergarment is made mostly of spandex and can smooth the shape of your buttock right from your waist down to the mid-thigh.

Now that you have so many options available to you, how about checking these out and finding the one most appropriate for you? Let us know how you are doing. One thing is sure, wearing any of these, your rear is going to look great.

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