How to Get Rid Of Flyaway Hair

Flyaway hair is due to lack of humidity in the atmosphere. The hair loses its moisture and becomes dry. The dry hair develops negative electrostatic charge, resulting in flyaway hair, therefore to get rid of flyway hair, one should try to restoring moisture to the hair.

How to Get Rid of Flyaway Hair:

Here are a few ways to get rid of flyaway hair:

  • Conditioner:

    Use a good conditioner, along with your shampoo, to moisturize your hair. The conditioner reduces electrostatic charge and prevents flyaway hair.

  • Leave-in conditioner:

    Use a leave-in conditioner, which can retain the moisture in your hair throughout the day. You can also use silicone hair serum to control especially unruly hair.

  • Dry your hair properly:

    When drying your hair, try to utilize simple air drying as opposed to blow drying. Blow drying can make a flyaway hair problem worse. If you do choose to blow dry your hair, it would be best to use a low temperature setting.

  • Hairspray:

    Spray your comb or hairbrush with a hairspray and brush it through your hair. This can weigh your hair and can prevent flyaway.

  • Humidifier:

    A humidifier can prevent dryness in your home and prevent flyaway hair.

  • Static Guard:

    Spray Static Guard on your comb and brush your hair with it for immediate relief.

You are less likely to have flyaway hair if your hair is healthy. Try to make sure your hair is moisturized and well-conditioned. This is the best way to to keep flyaway hair at bay.

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