Makeup Tips for Deep-Set Eyes

It is generally said women, no matter how attractive they look, are never satisfied. If you are among these women who find deep-set eyes tired and unattractive, then the right makeup can help you bring those lovely eyes out. Makeup can give your face a beautiful and smoldering look, and make your eyes sexy by adding that extra spark.

Makeup Tips for Deep Set Eyes

Listed below are some tips for deep set eyes that you may find effective:

  • Apply Eye Cream:

    This can help in smoothing and plumping up the skin around your eyes. Eye cream can also help in hiding fine lines.

  • Apply Eye Foundation:

    Some women have darker eye lids compared to the rest of their skin. This can make deep-set eyes appear smaller. To prevent this, you even the tone of the surrounding area of each of your eyes with a layer of foundation.

  • Apply Light Shade Shadow:

    Since deep-set eyes generally have prominent brow bones, you can apply light shade eye shadow over the entire eye lid and brow bone. This can make your eyes appear larger and hide your brow bone. You can choose shades in peach, taupe, or cream.

  • Apply Medium Shade Shadow:

    Along the crease of your each eye, apply medium-toned shadow. The medium shade can help in giving prominence or depth to your eyes. You may choose medium brown or gray shades. You may want to blend the shadow above your brow bone.

  • Use Eye Pencil to Define Your Eyes:

    You can line the upper and lower eye lids with a sharp charcoal or brown eye pencil. This can help in enhancing the look of your eyes.

Finally, curl your lashes and apply generous coats of dark brown or black mascara from above your iris to the outer corner of the eyelashes. You are ready to compete with the most beautiful women of the world.

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