How to Prevent Ear Blackheads?

Blackheads in the ear are harmless, but can be embarrassing and painful. Prevention of blackheads in the ears can be done by proper skin care near the ears. Ear Blackheads are caused when the skin behind the ears is not properly cleaned. This results in dirt and oil build up is ear blackheads or pimples.

Ear blackheads, which are a form of acne, are difficult to remove. Improper removal of them can result in scarring or infection. Hence it is always recommended to take steps to prevent ear blackheads

How to Prevent Ear Blackheads:

Here are a few tips to prevent ear blackheads:

  • If you are using earphones, clean them regularly as they can affect your ears with bacteria. You can wipe the earphones by applying little alcohol on a cloth and cleaning it
  • Salicylic acid treatment can help you to get rid of ear blackheads. Use some cotton to apply salicylic acid to your ears
  • Dirt and oil can accumulate at the back of your ears if you neglect cleaning them. Regularly clean the back of your ears using a washcloth. This will prevent clogging of pores and blackheads
  • You can also gently exfoliate the skin near your ears to get rid of the dirt and dead cells
  • If you have a pimple-like growth in your ear, do not pop it as it can lead to an infection. Avoid touching it or consult your dermatologist if the pain is severe

If you are using a blackhead remover for your ears, be extremely careful as it may result in scarring. The best way to manage ear blackheads is keeping your ears clean and following a daily skin care routine

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