White Spots On Lips

Our lips encounter a lot of different things in our lives. We use them to help us eat. They get sunburned. Sometimes bugs fly into them when we’re outside. They help us show affection through a kiss on the cheek or the forehead. And for most of us they help us show passion to the one we love. So when we discover something unusual on them it can be a cause for concern. One of the most common concerns we might run across is a white spot. White spots can be located on any part of the lips. They may be found either on the corner or they may be located on any of the two lips. White spots can be caused by many different factors. They can sometimes be a indication of some serious upcoming disease like Leukoplakia.

What Causes White Spots On Lips:

There can be many causes for white spots on the lips. Some of them are:

  • White spots which are found on the corners of the lips can be Fordyce Granules or they can be sebaceous glands too. These are generally found on buccal or cheek mucosa or on the corners of the cheeks.
  • Another reason can be the presence of commissural pits. These are a small depression or invaginations that occur at the corner of the lip which can have fluid or saliva filled in them and which gives the  appearance of a fluid draining pimple.
  • Angular Chelitis, which can be another reason for this symptom, does not exactly present a white spot. It can be a white lesion which is accompanied by a cracking at the corners of the mouth. This is due to the fungal overgrowth of Candida albicans. It may be painful or feel like burning in the corners.
  • These spots can also occur due to some small fibriotic change which can be a result of some trauma, or frequent irritation or chemical change.
  • Leukoplakia is another condition which can cause white patches,although this disease affects mostly the mucous membrane inside the mouth rather the lips. But it is possible and should not be ignored since it canindicate cancer. Substances like tobacco and alcohol can cause chronic irritation which can result in this disease.

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