Mascara Ingredients

Mascaras are the cosmetic products used for defining the eyelashes. The use of mascara can color, darken, lighten, lengthen, or thicken the original eyelashes. Three forms of mascaras are available in the market:liquid form, cake form,and cream form. Mascaras are also available in various tints and colors.

The ingredients in mascara includes water, film formers, wax thicker, and preservatives. The application of mascara is done with the help of mascara brushes, which can be either curved or straight. Fine or thick bristles are used to curl eyelashes. Some brushes have rayon or nylon fibers, as bristles made with these materials can help in increasing the length of the eyelashes.

Ingredients Of Mascara:

The active ingredients of mascara are used for giving shape, thickening, and darkening the eyelashes. A mixture of special ingredients is added to mascara, which designs and holds the shape and color of the eyelashes. Modern day mascaras can be divided into two types: Waterproof Mascara and Non-Waterproof Mascara. There is the basic difference in the ingredients of the two types. These differences are discussed below.

Ingredients Of Waterproof Mascara:

The waterproof mascaras are prepared using volatile solvents. They mostly have a substance called isododecane. They also have waxes, which are extracted from animal oil, vegetable oils, and minerals. Apart from these some pigments, filming polymers and thickeners are also used. Waterproof mascaras are free from chemicals that are water based. Waterproof mascaras are highly resistant to sweat, tears, and rain. Once applied, they can usually only be removed using strong makeup remover.

Ingredients Of Non – Waterproof Mascara:

These type of mascaras have all the basic ingredients including a soft surfactant which makes it hypo- allergenic. Ingredients of this type of mascara includes waxes of different sets which are thoroughly mixed with the surfactant. These are light mascaras which stay put for a shorter time but are easier to remove and good for days with little activity or rain.

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