How To Do A French Manicure

French manicures are a classic nail style which gives a simple, natural, and classy look to your hands. They are preferred by most of the women as they give a neat and well-groomed effect to the nail. Such nails are neither fussy nor flashy.

What Is French Manicure:

French manicure generally use a clear and pale tinted polish over the entire nail, then have a white or cream polish on the tips of the nails. The French Manicure is suits well for the short nails and the nails with the moderate length.

Things Required To Do French Manicure:

A French manicure is very easy to carry out. It can be done at home. Before doing it,make sure that you have all the necessary tools to carry out this manicure. The required tools include a tip guide strips, base and top coats, and polishes of white and neutral colors. Neutral color polish are available in very pale and sheer shades of beige, pink, and cream. A complete kit will have every instrument and be beneficial.

Steps for French Manicure includes:

  • First, remove your old nail polish with the acetone remover.
  • File ,cut, and shape your nails as desired.
  • Now wash and dry your cuticles properly.
  • Once the cuticle dries, then apply the first layer or the base coat and let it dry.
  • Paint the nail your neutral shade.
  • Then take a strip from the guide strip and place it under the tip of a nail; it will form a natural curve there. Now follow this guide to apply an even coat of white polish at the tip very precisely.
  • The strips are placed according to the length of the nails. The longer the nails, the longer the strip should be. Be sure that the guide arch is smooth and rounded.
  • Each nail tip must be painted with the white color. Make sure the brush stroke starts from the top of the guide and reaches to the end of the nails.
  • Do not let the white polishget into the body of the nails below the guides. Now allow the tips to dry.

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