Zinc For Acne

Zinc is an essential mineral  present in a variety of food items includingegg yolks, mushrooms, soybeans, legumes, sunflower seeds, and whole grains. Zinc cures acne because it regulates the skin’s oil glands activity and also the hormonal imbalances in the body. Both these are the main causes of acne for many people.

A number of herbs like milk thistle, dandelion, eye bright, mullein, nettle, burdock root, and alfalfa contain zinc as well. Some parts of insulin has zinc in it as well.

Zinc Acne Treatment:

Zinc is used for treating acne because zinc is responsible for the production and regulation of nearly 200 hormones in the body. Testosterone is one of them. This is the hormone which is considered as the promoter of acne. Hence an increase in the intake of zinc can help in preventing the imbalances of hormones which are responsible for acne outbreaks.

Another reason why zinc is used for acne treatment is because zinc participates actively in the synthesis of protein and formation of collagen in our body. Both these activities are responsible for maintaining a healthy skin and also regulating the secretion of oils of the skin. Moreover zinc also acts antibiotic for the skin.

Zinc Supplements For Acne:

There are two main supplements of Zinc which can be very beneficial for treating Acne. These are Zinc Gluconate and Zinc Oxide.

Zinc Gluconate:

Studies have proved the intake of 200 milligrams of oral Zinc Gluconate, which is equivalent to 30 mg of effective zinc, can effectively reduce the acne inflammation.

Zinc Oxide:

If zinc oxide is applied properly on the affected areas, it will be helpful in reducing the oil and sebum production and help in healing the zits.

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