What Is Tanorexic?

Tanorexic, or Tanorexia, is the term which is used to describe a condition in which a person suntansoften. Various methods are used to achieve a desirably dark skin tone. The term tanorexic is widely used by medical professionals and media. Serious case of Tanorexia are dangerous, with the potential for causing skin cancer due to UV ray exposure over a long period of time.

Symptoms of Tanorexia:

The symptoms of Tanorexia include:

  • Anxiety; will the tanner feel anxiety if he or she misses a session of sun tanning?
  • Competition; tanorexicswill compare tans with anyone and everyone.
  • Frustration; the tanner will get frustrated when they do not grow darker or tan-darkening slows.

Tanning Lotion:

These are lotions used for indoor tanning. These lotions not only provide tanned skin, but also makeskin bright and vibrant. Many brands have a tanning lotion, but not all of them work well. Some good tanning lotion brands include Fiji Brand Tanorexic Lotion and Emerald Bay Dream Boat Tanning Lotion.

The Fiji lotion has ingredients which tan and moisturize, making skin look great. It also has a great smell, so it can be worn any time. The Emerald Bay lotion is the best tanning product. It even includes melanin to give a good tan. Emerald Bay is the prefered lotion for tanning.


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