Different Types Of Mens Blazers

Ever since my childhood days I loved and cherished all the moments when my dad wore his three piece suits. He is an orthodox man who has a closet full of black, navy blue, and cream colored three pieces. He does not like

Mens Blazers

in pastel colors. Both, my elder and younger brothers wear casual blazers, single breasted, and on some rare occasions double breasted blazers. But they always prefer to try and include different styles, patterns and colors to their huge collection of

mens blazers.

Authoritative Tone Of Formal Blazers:

Blazers are the most liked and purchased formal wear. Available in a vast range of fabrics and colors, blazers can be worn to any occasion. It has a certain authoritative tone to it. It makes a man appear more serious, responsible, reliable and formal.

The Casual Blazer Look:

Paired with casual trousers or jeans, with a white shirt, tucked in or out, a casual blazer would still give you a professional look. You can also wear this look to a party. It looks formal and casual at the same time. Appearing cool, reliable, fun loving and yet a responsible man.

The Single Breasted Blazer:

Single breasted blazers can be worn to party, office, or to any informal social gathering. This single breasted jacket or blazer has one column of 2 or 3 buttons and a narrow overlap of fabric. Paired with formal light or dark colored shades, with or without ties is a good look.

The Double Breasted Blazer:

The double breasted coat or blazer has a symmetrical set of buttons on both the sides, and the left side of the coat overlaps the right side. When paired with matching shirt, this blazer gives a more formal, stylish and elegant look.

Light Linen Blazer For Summers:

We all prefer to dress down in the difficult and hot summer season. But, it’s always good if we can wear a formal or semi formal look to office. A light colored blazer, like beige, white, off-white, or tan colored when paired with light colored cotton shirts would be perfect for the summer days.

Denim Blazer:

It looks good in day time, whether paired with a casual shirt, finely knitted sweater, or a tee-shirt.

Herringbone And Tweed:

Classic black, brown colored tweeds should be complemented with matching trousers, pin-stripe pants, or even with dark washed denim.

Mens blazers

are made by using different materials like velvet, suede, leather, wool etc. These blazers can be worn with a wide range of clothes, ranging from the classic black shirt to white button down shirt, or polo necks to simple tees, giving the wearer a great look.

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