Facts About Green Eyes

The eyes of green and blue color are are not very commonly found. The biggest facts about green eyes is that the eyes get this color due to some genetic reasons. There are several other facts also which are related to the presence of green eyes. Some of these facts we will be discussing in this article.

Some Facts About Green Eyes:

Some of the facts which are related to green eyes are :

  • Green Eyes Are Formed Due To Recessive Genes:

    This means that these eyes develop in the offspring only when one parent has brown eyes and the other has green, also the brown eyed parent has one recessive gene of the green eye.

  • Green Color Occurs Due To Melanin Pigment:

    The presence of green color in the eye also depends upon the variable amount of iris melanin. If the content of iris melanin increases the content of green color, while a lower amount of iris content results in lighter colour of brown or black in your eyes.

  • Women Are More Green Eyed As Compared To Men:

    It has been established in a study that nearly 89% of women have green eyes as compared to 87% of men. The study also establishes that women in Iceland and the Netherlandsmostly have green color in their eyes. In European Americans the people with this eye color are usually those who belong to Celtic and German ancestry.

Facts About Eye Color:

There are several facts which are related to how the eyes get their natural color. Some of these facts are discussed in this article.

  • Genetics:

    The most common known reason for the eye to have a color is due to genetics. The genes which give color to the eyes of the parent ultimately decide which color will their offspring will have in his or her eyes. It is complex process and how these combinations are made is still a mystery.

  • Pigmentation:

    Eyes have their iris pigment which also plays a major role in giving color to the eyes of the offspring.

Apart from these, there are different other possibilities also which can play a major role in giving color to the eyes of the offspring.

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