Hair Rebounding Treatment.

Hair rebounding is the process which makes your hair look straight, thin and shiny. It is a chemical process which is permanent. Although it is an expensive method but this method gives a new texture and structure to your natural hairs.

Process Of Hair Rebounding Treatment:

The steps involved in the hair rebounding treatment are:

  • The total time which is required in the entire process of rebounding depends on the length, thickness and type of the hair.
  • In first involves the cleaning of the hairs using a mild shampoo. Do not apply any conditioner and dry the hair completely using a dryer at a mild speed.
  • Now the hairs are separated into section and relaxant or a cream softener is applied to each section of the hair shaft. A thin board of plastic can be used to keep the hair straight.
  • The cream softener can be kept for half an hour or so. Keeping it for a longer duration of time can also be harmful. Now the hairs are steamed and then washed and conditioned.
  • Once you have blow dried your hair, apply keratin lotion in your hair.
  • Now a flat iron is used to avoid any curl and make your hair entirely straight. Make sure that you use ceramic iron instead of metal iron. Your hair expert will iron your hair till the required shine and straightening is achieved in the hairs.
  • Again the hairs are parted and neutraliser is applied in each parted shaft. Neutraliser will set the bonds help hair to stabilize. You can keep the neutraliser for at least 30 minutes.
  • Wash off the neutraliser with cold water and blow dry your hair. Now apply hair serum and the last iron touch is given to give hair the straight and shiny look.

Once you have undergone this treatment make sure that you do not wash your hair for next few days.This will give time to your hair to settle down. It is advisable that wear shower cap while you go for a bath. This will protect your hair from getting wet.

After Effects Of Hair Rebonding Treatment:

Hair rebonding carries a lot of side effects. Some of these are:

  • The chemical process used in the treatment affects the quality and texture of the hair.
  • As the chemicals are used in excessive amount in the process, they are liable to make the hair dry, rough and weak. This can lead to hair fall.
  • If go for for an inexperienced hair stylist or using chemicals of cheap quality in the treatment process then rebonding process can be a worse experience for you.
  • It is very important to take proper care of your hairs once you undertake the rebonding treatment. Otherwise massive hair fall can occur.

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