How to Do Facial Bleaching At Home

Well, removing hair from your body is very painful. And, when you have to remove hair from your face, it can be all the more painful. Instead of going the conventional way of different hair removal methods, bleaching’ is the perfect pain-less -getting-rid-of-hair solution. Although bleaching does not remove the facial hair, it sure can hide it. And, it id very easy to do facial bleaching at home, all you need to do is to follow a few simple steps.

Things You Will Require

– Facial bleach kit
– Washcloth
– Warm water
– Mirror

Steps for Doing Facial Bleaching

Follow these few simple steps to hide that facial hair of yours:
1. Prepare your face for the bleach. With the help of a mild cleanser, gently wash your face and pat dry it.
2. The next step is to prepare the bleach. Read the directions given on the bleaching kit carefully. And, according to the instructions, mix the activator cream and bleach powder together. When mixed properly, the cream should be white in color and should have thick consistency.
3. Take the spatula and carefully apply it on to the desired facial area. Avoid the eye region. Apply a thick bleach coat all over your face very evenly. Make sure that all of your unwanted hair is covered with bleach properly.
4. Now, as directed, leave the bleach on for a few minutes. You can also set a timer just to be sure. Once you are done putting on the bleach for that specified time, wipe a little bleach and check if the hair has turned into the desired color. If it does not, reapply the bleach and check after a while, check if you require more bleaching.
5. Check once more. If you are satisfied with the hair color, all you need to do is rinse your face with the help of tepid water and with a clean washcloth.

Doing facial bleaching at home is very easy and can be done every once in three weeks.

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