Mascara Ingredients – What Is Mascara Made Of ?

Mascara is one of most common makeup ingredient in a woman’s handbag. It completes your eyes making your lashes appear longer and accentuating the beauty of the eyes. A beautiful and sexy eye demands mascara for its appearance. But have you ever given a thought about the mascara ingredients. In Spite of not knowing what is mascara made of, we can still be able to state that the active mascara ingredient is used to thicken and darken the eyelashes to give them a shape and look. Beside these, other special ingredients may be used to design and hold the color and shape of the eyelashes.

The first feature anybody notices about you is your eyes. Eyes are the windows to your heart and soul. So we do our best to pay more attention to our eye makeup. But how to select the best eye products when a plenty of different varieties are available at all types of prices. It would be possible only if we know the components it has and can then chose over which component would suit us the best.

The first product of mascara was invented during the

19th century by Eugene Rimmel

. The word ‘Rimmel’ means mascara in Dutch, Italian, Persian, Portuguese, Romanian and Turkish. So the invention was then named according to its inventor. It is also claimed that in the year

1913, T.L. Williams

prepared the first mascara for his sister. The first mascara used

petroleum jelly


coal dust

for its preparation. Over the time, newer additions were made to the constituency to produce better products of the mascara. Later in the year

1957, the Helena Rubinstein mascara

was introduced into the market. It came with a tube and a wand applicator along with better ingredients. Keeping in mind the delicacy and sophistication of lady’s look and eyes, mascara application became better over time.

  • Water, Wax thickener (instead of petroleum jelly), film formers and preservatives make up the basic list of ingredients in a mascara. Mascara is available in 3 different forms; the cream form, cake or pressed form and liquid form.
  • The first form that was available was the pressed cake form. A brush ( a wet one preferably) was used to apply it to the lashes. It had the principal ingredients as equal quantities of soap and black pigments.
  • The cream mascara is available in the form of a lotion inside a tube. The tube was squeezed to take out the mascara lotion onto a tiny brush. Then it was applied onto the lashes by the help of the brush. But it often made the makeup look messy. But the problem was almost corrected after the invention of the mascara applicator.
  • The liquid form of mascara is the most commonly used mascara type. It uses a mascara applicator to use the mascara stored in a modernized tube. A round brush is used in place of the wand which is capable of picking up only the right amount of mascara to be used. The invention of liquid mascara forms changed the fate of the mascara usage. More and more women found it easy to apply and started using it more.
  • Two type of mascara applicators are used. These are:-
    1. waterproof mascara
    2. non-waterproof mascara

    A slight difference is found among the list of ingredients in both of these.

Ingredients of Waterproof Mascara:

Mostly volatile solvents are used to prepare the waterproof mascara (such as Isododecane). The waxes used here are extracted from animal oil, minerals or vegetable oils. Apart from these, some kind of pigments, thickeners and filmifying polymers are also used. All mascara ingredients are mostly free from chemicals making the mascara water-based. The waterproof mascaras remain unaffected by rain, sweat and tears. They require a strong makeup remover to be removed.

Ingredients of Non-Waterproof Mascara:

This type of mascaras use water, animal derived waxes, soft surfactants (such as triethanolamine stearate), mineral origin waxes, thickening polymers (like gum arabic), pigments, vegetable based waxes (like candeilla wax, rice bran wax or carnauba wax) and preservatives. The non-waterproof mascaras do not offer any resistance to rain, tears or sweats. These can be easily removed with water and soap and often last for short durations.

We have tried to provide you a grief description of the minimal ingredients in a mascara. Now its your turn to discover the best product suitable for your and your delicate eyes. You must be aware of allergic reactions that can be caused due to the application of any of those variety of mascara available in front of you. Make a good use of the mascaras and make those lashes really sexy and sizzling.

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