Skin Care with Banana Peel

Well, a banana peel is helpful in more than one way. Not just as a compost for your garden, but it surely helps in improving your skin complexion. Banana peels are rich in lutein which is an antioxidant which helps in healing your impurities. Skin care with banana peel is very simple. If you have psoriasis, warts or any other skin problem, simple use a banana peel.

Tips for using banana peels for Skin Care

Follow these simple tips to care for your skin:

  1. Banana Peel for Psoriasis:

    If you need natural help for your psoriasis, then a banana peel can just do the trick. Take a banana peel and rub its inside to all your affected areas. Initially it might be red, but after a few days, your skin will surely show remarkable results.

  2. Heal Acne:

    You can use the inside of a banana peel to heal your acne. Be it on your body or face, simply run the banana peel on your skin. And, the best part is the results are almost super quick. It is advised that you apply the peel at the nights so that you won’t smell like banana all day.

  3. Poison Ivy:

    Well, a banana peel can also be used for poison ivy. The procedure of using the peel is the same. For instant result, rub the peel on your skin and you will be able to see that inflammation and itching will stop at the same time. If necessary, apply the peel again. So, the next time you go out for hiking or camping, make sure you carry a few banana peels.

  4. Warts:

    You can also use the peel for healing warts. Every night apply the banana peel on your wart and allow it to sit on your wart overnight. With in a week, you will be able to see remarkable improvements. If not rubbing, you can also try taping the banana peel on your wart. Within a week, you will be able to see amazing results.

These are a few simple tips for skin care with banana peel.

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