Superfluous Hair – What are Superfluous Hair ?

When we grow hairs beyond the necessity, it is called superfluous hair growth. Superfluous hair are referred to the unwanted hair growth at the legs, arms and the face. This is not limited to either men or women. Both of them can have it. It not only can steal the self-confidence but also can steal the whole show of your charm and beauty.

The current trend is forcing us to wear dresses with shorter lengths and deeper neckline. With such demands, it is not possible to afford hairy legs, arms and ugly looking facial hairs. Generally, hair do not grow at certain body parts, but still some people observe hair sprouting in these bare areas.

Where does Superfluous Hair Grow ?

Cultural origin, gender and ethnicity can affect your hair growth. The common areas in men include –

  • on the shoulders
  • at the back

Whereas, the common area of such hair growth in females include –

  • underarms (armpit)
  • face
  • chest
  • legs
  • arms

What causes unusual hair growth ?

  • Hormones

    • Mostly the hormones play an active role in causing any disturbances in the hair growth.
    • In men, It is the androgen (testosterone) which causes unusual hair growth.
    • In women, high levels of androgen add to such hair growth. Such condition is called hirsutism.
    • Hirsutism is often the symptoms of Cushing’s syndrome (hormone imbalance), polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and tumors.
  • Hirsutism due to action of medicines.

    • Some medicines liek danazol may cause hirsutism.
  • Ethnicity and Origin

    • These have also been an evident reason to cause Hirsutism.
    • Women from Middle Eastern ancestry, Mediterranean or South Asian origin are most prone to hirsutism.
  • Genetic factors

    • Most occurrences of hair growth are hereditary in nature.
    • Genetic conditions often are responsible in passing the trait from generation to generation.

Benefits of Superfluous Hair

  • Though conventionally it is believed that hair should grow only at certain areas, still excess hair growth at certain areas can be beneficial.
  • Men having back hair are blessed with some kind of natural protection from harmful UV rays from the sun.
  • Some people (mostly women) find it appealing when hair grows at conventional places.

Treatment of unusual Hair growth

  • An apricot-honey peel off face scrub can be used on the face once a week.
  • A chokker face scrub with rosewater and milk can be used to scrub on the face and neck using circular strokes.
  • Waxing or epilators (an electrical appliance which has a high rotating metal spiral head to pluck unwanted hair) can be used to perform hair removal.
  • Depilators (a cosmetic preparation used to remove the undesired hair for a temporary period) can also be used.
  • Hair removing creams alternately used with bleaching application can also yield good results.
  • If unusually thick hair growth is observed on the face, neck, chest, arms or legs then medical attention may be required. It may have been an outcome of hormonal imbalance.
  • Thermolysis (a permanent method of hair removal) may be done.

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