Tips On How To Apply Liquid Foundation Flawlessly

I am allergic to make up, and hence I avoid it completely, but my sister-in-law is a make-up freak. She always talks about the importance of

How To Apply Liquid Foundation

or any other foundation correctly. She wouldn’t go out without applying at least one layer of foundation. Moisturizer, a good quality foundation that matches the skin color, a thick flat brush, a sponge, and blotting tissue are some of the simple things required to learn

how to apply liquid foundation


Moisturize The Skin:

Apply a thin layer of a moisturizing cream that suits your skin type. If going out, mix sun screen with the moisturizer.

Use A Correct Liquid Foundation:

Foundations are water based and oil based. Oil based foundation works very well for dry and wrinkled skin. Liquid foundation captures the moisture in the skin from evaporating, and gives a luminous shine to the skin. A good foundation can hide the scars, dark spots, pigmentation, and minor facial imperfections. Select a foundation that blends with your skin color when applied. Try it out on your jaw line or arm.

Start Foundation With Nose:

Take a drop or two of liquid foundation and stipple a very little amount of it on your nose first. Either use a sponge, or a dense, flat brush, or simply use your finger tips to even paint it towards the cheeks, and towards the border of the face.

Apply Foundation To The Cheeks:

Stipple it on the cheeks; and using a flat brush or sponge or fingers paint it inwards, towards the nose.

Apply Foundation To The Chin:

Brush the foundation lightly or stipple it inwards on the chin.

Foundation For Upper Lip:

With the little foundation left on the brush or sponge paint the upper lip, and below the lips. For now, avoid the laugh lines.

Liquid Foundation For Eyes:

Dot some foundation lightly under the eyes where it is the darkest, and on the eyelids and brow bone.

Foundation For Forehead:

Apply some foundation on the forehead and brush it across the forehead, and into the hair line.

Jaw Line Foundation:

Use some of the remaining foundation of the drop and dot it under the jaw line upwards to mix it with the cheek, and downwards to blend it into your neck.

Stipple The Face With Foundation:

Any excess foundation left, can be stippled and brushed across the face, and finally covering the laugh lines with the least possible foundation. This covers the flaw instead of giving it prominence.

Buffing The Foundation:

Lightly buff the face using the same brush in circular motions. This removes excess of the product, and also evenly distributes it, covering any flaws by merging the foundation with the skin.

Set The Foundation:

Let the foundation set in for 3-5 minutes. Use a blotting tissue on your face, except for your nose, if you have large pores. Pay extra attention to wrinkles around the eyes, under the eyes, and eye lids where extra foundation must have settled and creased.

These are the easy to follow simple steps on

how to apply liquid foundation

to give an even tone to your face and to hide the dark spots and scars.

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