Tips To Use Sugar On Face

Sugar is considered to be a good scrub for the skin. It can be used for removing the dead skin from the face and give a clean and fresh look. In this article we will be discussing few simple home made recipes of sugar which can be used for exfoliating your skin. Home Made Tips To Use Sugar On Face: Few simple home made tips to use sugar on face are: Sugar And Water Scrub: This pack is very beneficial for those who are having rough and dry skin. In order to make this scrub, you require 2 table spoons of sugar (if possible go for organic sugar), and 3 table spoons of warm water. Now pour warm water in the bowl of sugar till all the sugar is properly dissolved. Make sure that the entire quantity of sugar is dissolved as undissolved sugar can cause wear and tear on the skin. Once the solution is prepared, apply it over your face using your finger tips. Make sure that all the parts of the face closely covered with the application. Leave this scrub over your face for few seconds to dry, then remove it with the help of warm water. Brown Sugar And Milk Face Mask: In order to make this face mask all you require is 2 table spoons of brown sugar and ¼ cup of milk. Now mix both the ingredients in a bowl till they condense and then apply it all over your face. Leave the mask for 10-15 minutes over your face to dry and then remove it with lukewarm water. Applying Sugar With Olive Oil: Sugar can also be mixed with olive oil to prepare a face mask. In order to make this mask, you require olive oil, brown sugar and warm water in small quantity. The process of this application is simple, firstly wipe your face with warm water so that all the dirt from your face is removed. Then apply a layer of olive oil all over your face, now apply a single layer of sugar all over the face. Leave this preparation for few seconds to settle down and then remove it with warm water. Remove the face gently as any extra effort can even damage your skin. Benefits Of Using Sugar On Face/ Skin: Here are some of the basic benefits of using sugar on face: Sugar scrubs are very beneficial for removing the flaky and skin which develops in the day on the face. The scrubs of sugar can be applied on any skin type without any side effects. Regular use of sugar scrubs results in uniform, healthy and glowing skin. Sugar scrubs also prevents tanning of the skin. The scrub of sugar helps in healing blemishes. Sugar helps in softening rough skin and making it smooth and fragrant.

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