Various Methods And Benefits Of Orange Peel Facial

Regular use of orange and other fresh fruits is useful in giving you a young and beautiful skin. The juices of fresh fruits provides all the necessary nutrients which are required for the skin cells to nurture. Application of orange juice on your skin is very beneficial as it is alone capable of preventing the blemishes on the skin. In this article we will be discussing various recipes of orange that can be applied on your skin and also their benefits.

Benefits Of Orange Peel Facial:

Some of the benefits of orange peel facial are:

  • Orange peels is very beneficial as it absorbs all the oil from the open pores of the skin. Thus making the skin look clean and dry.
  • The peel of orange is capable of removing all the dry and dead skin from the face, thus giving your face a clean and bright look.
  • The peel of orange is very very beneficial in summer months as it can give a cool and glowing skin which is free from blemishes.
  • It is very god for oily skin as it is capable of absorbing excess of oil from the face thus giving your face a clean and glowing look.
  • Orange is very beneficial for treating wrinkles as it has anti – oxidants in them.
  • Orange is a rich source of Vitamin – E, so it is an anti aging agent too.

Various Methods To Prepare Orange Peel Facial Masks:

There are various methods which can be used for preparing an orange peel. Some of these methods are discussed in this article. They are:

  • Orange Peel Face Mask:

    Remove the orange peeling and keep it out for drying. Once they are thoroughly dried just grind them and keep them safe and dried. In order to make a face mask of this orange peel, just add some amount of milk or water according to your will. Mix them well till a consistent paste is ready. Now apply it uniformly all over the face and leave it for few minutes till it dries. Now remove it with warm water. Make sure that you do not scrub it off rather remove it smoothly.

  • Orange Peel Scrub:

    Take some amount of dried orange peel, also add one table spoon of black gram, red gram, 2 tablespoon semolina, some dry petals of roses and one table spoon of sandal powder. Grind all these ingredients and store them dry. In order to apply this scrub add some amount of milk or water in this mixture and make a thick paste. Apply this paste uniformly all the over and leave it to dry for few minutes. Later remove it with warm water. Make sure that you remove it very smoothly to avoid any rashes.

  • Orange Massage Paste:

    Prepare a paste by mixing orange juice, oatmeal and honey. The application of this paste 4 – 6 times in a week will help in rejuvenating your skin entirely.

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