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What is a Body Polish?

Overview A body polish is a treatment of the entire body, just like a facial and unlike a massage. It hydrates and exfoliates the skin. When the […]

What Contact Lens Color Suits My Skin Color?

Overview Contact lens color must be chosen such that it matches your skin tone. Then it will show wonderful effect to enhance your appearance. You can […]

Top 5 Benefits Of Peaches For Skin

All the fruits are packed with many minerals, nutrients and vitamins and are a delicious way to have a good health. How majestic if we […]

Top 4 Tips To Cure Wrinkled Hands At Home

Age, nutritional deficiency, unhealthy life style, smoking, directs exposure to the harmful ultra violet rays, loose and dry skin are some of the reasons for […]

Tips On How To Apply Liquid Foundation Flawlessly

I am allergic to make up, and hence I avoid it completely, but my sister-in-law is a make-up freak. She always talks about the importance […]

Different Types Of Mens Blazers

Ever since my childhood days I loved and cherished all the moments when my dad wore his three piece suits. He is an orthodox man […]

Top 4 Tips To Cure The Cracked Lip Corners

It was a beautiful evening with a fine company to enjoy, soft music playing in the background, and delicious food and dessert to complete the […]

Top 3 Egg Yolk for Hair Treatments

Egg yolk is a vital source of proteins, minerals and vitamins A, E, & D, which are the building blocks of healthy and shiny hair. […]

Is Castor Oil For Eyes Good?

Conditions like dark circles, and big, swollen bags under eyes look ugly however pretty your face is. Your appearance takes a beat, and you look […]

Top 7 Benefits of Strawberry for Skin

I was watching The Oprah Winfrey Show when I learnt that Strawberry for Skin and teeth is used to lighten and brighten them. Strawberries, the […]